About the PNCC

ParlAmericas serves as the international secretariat for the Parliamentary Network on Climate Change (PNCC). This is a joint initiative with Parlatino formally integrated into the ParlAmericas structure during the 13th ParlAmericas Plenary Assembly in Mexico City, in December 2016. The PNCC is a hemispheric forum to advance legislative work and promote parliamentary diplomacy on climate change, and exchange knowledge on mitigation and adaption. Through the PNCC, ParlAmericas promotes and tracks legislative actions and efforts taken by parliamentarians in the hemisphere to fulfill Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). We encourage cooperation between parliaments and government agencies in the development and implementation of innovative policies to combat climate change.

Executive Committee

Javier Ortega
Member of the National Assembly, Panama

Dan Ruimy
Vice President - North America
Member of Parliament, Canada

Sofia Hernández
Vice President - Central America
Member of Congress, Guatemala

Andy Daniel
Vice President - Caribbean
Speaker of the House of Assembly, Saint Lucia

Jennifer Simons
Vice President - South America
Speaker of the National Assembly, Suriname

Ana Belén Marín
Alternate Vice President - South America
Member of the National Assembly, Ecuador

Jose Di Bella, Ph.D
Program Manager, Climate Change and Sustainability

Elections for the Executive Committee are held during the PNCC's gathering. For more information about the governance of the Executive Committee, please read our statutes.