The Group of Women Parliamentarians is the only permanent working group of ParlAmericas. It includes representatives from each of the sub-regions of the Americas: North, Central, South, and the Caribbean.

The activities of the Group of Women Parliamentarians strengthen the work of women and men parliamentarians by providing a space to share and exchange experiences and knowledge from a gender equality perspective.

The Group welcomes the active participation of both women and men parliamentarians.

The Group is governed by its elected Executive Committee, composed of the President (who also serves as 2nd Vice-President on ParlAmericas' Board of Directors), the Vice-President, and the Secretary.  

The current President of the Group is Member of the National Assembly of Ecuador, Gina Godoy (2015-present). The current Vice-President is Claudia Nogueira Fernández, Member of the Chamber of Deputies of Chile. The current Secretary is Magda Rodríguez Azcona, Member of the Chamber of Deputies of the Dominican Republic.

For further information about how to get involved with the Group of Women Parliamentarians, parliamentarians should contact ParlAmericas’ International Secretariat.

Objectives of the Group of Women Parliamentarians

  • To strengthen the leadership of female politicians through ongoing regional exchange
  • To promote the creation of conditions for equal opportunities, prioritizing the fight against poverty and the elimination of employment discrimination
  • To strengthen democracies in the countries of the Americas in an effort to achieve respect for human rights, and conditions that promote equitable and sustainable social development

  • To promote the creation of mechanisms encouraging women participation in politics
  • To strengthen women's active participation at ParlAmericas working meetings, incorporating a gender perspective into each of the topics analyzed by the organization