Executive Committee

Gina GodoyGina Godoy Andrade, President of the Group of Women Parliamentarians. Member of the National Assembly, Ecuador

Ms. Godoy is a lawyer and has been a member of the National Assembly of Ecuador for the province of Guayas since 2009. She is the Vice-President of the National Assembly’s Commission of Justice and State Structure and a member of the Coordinating Team of the Parliamentary Group for Women’s Rights.

Ms. Godoy is a feminist and fights for gender equality and the rights of women, children, and youth. She worked with victims of domestic and sexual violence at the Ecuadorian Centre for Women's Advocacy and Action (CEPAM-Guayaquil), where she provided consultations. Her work led her to form part of the Alliance PAIS movement and to participate as a constituent member of the National Assembly from 2007 to 2008.

Her priority as legislator since 2009 has been to debate and put forward the inclusion of gender issues such as criminalizing femicide and violence against women, and incorporating regulations for holistic approaches to reparation for victims in the Organic Penal Code.

Mobina JafferMobina Jaffer, Vice-President. Senator, Canada

Ms. Jaffer has represented the province of British Columbia in the Senate of Canada since June 13, 2001. Ms. Jaffer is Deputy-Chair of the Standing Senate Committee on National Security and Defence and chaired the Standing Senate Committee on Human Rights for 8 years.

Ms. Jaffer was Canada’s Special Envoy for Peace in Sudan from 2002 to 2006 and chaired the Canadian Committee on Women, Peace, and Security from 2002 to 2005. Ms. Jaffer is often invited to speak at international conferences on security issues and the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325. Women’s rights and children’s rights are central to Ms. Jaffer’s advocacy.

Claudia NogueiraClaudia Nogueira Fernández, Vice-President. Member of the Chamber of Deputies, Chile

Ms. Nogueira has a law degree from the Andres Bello National University. She was a Member of the Chamber of Deputies of Chile for the legislative periods of 2006-2010 and 2010-2014 and continues in this role for the 2014-2018 period. She has lectured at the Andrés Bello National University and is currently the Vice-President of the Group of Women Parliamentarians of ParlAmericas.

Her parliamentary career involves serving as a permanent member of the Commissions for the Family and the Elderly, Citizen Security, Health, and Housing and Urban Development. She was also chair of the Commissions for Culture and the Arts, and Housing and Urban Development of the Chamber of Deputies of Chile.

Her political career has been characterized by a strong interest in gender equality issues, the defence of life and protection of the elderly and children, among others.