At the 2nd Plenary Assembly of ParlAmericas (formerly known as the Inter-Parliamentary Forum of the Americas – FIPA) held in Panama City in 2003, participating women parliamentarians held a meeting to discuss their role in the world of politics, in their respective parliaments, and within the organization.

Argentinean parliamentarian Margarita Stolbizer proposed that a permanent body be established. The suggestion was unanimously approved by the Plenary Assembly.

The result was the now well-established and very active Group of Women Parliamentarians.

The Group created an Executive Committee (composed of the President, Vice-President, and Secretary) during its 8th Meeting, held during ParlAmericas' 9th Plenary Assembly.

Visit the presidential mandates section of the Group of Women Parliamentarians to learn about our presidents.


Presidential Mandates

2003-2005: Margarita Stolbizer

2006-2009: Cecilia López

2009-2013: Linda Machuca

2013-2015: Jennifer Simons

2015-present: Gina Godoy