In the words of parliamentarians: What is legislative transparency?

These videos show what legislative transparency means to parliamentarians. They were filmed at the parliamentary gathering on the margins of the VII Summit of the Americas.

Panama City - April, 2015


Part 1
  Part 2



Part 3    

Videos of interest


OGP LOWG Conference. Legislative Openness, Technology, and Democracy. 2015   OGP LOWG Conference. Lightning Talks: Legislative Openness Tools. 2015


3rd International Open Data Conference: Open Data and Parliaments. 2015  

3rd International Open Data Conference: Open Data and Parliaments. 2015



Democracy in the Digital Age: a conference by The Commonwealth Club. 2015   E-democracy and building the Open Parliament. Cristiano Ferri. 2015

Parliamentarians' use of digital technology for communicating with constituents

This survey was completed at the working group on open parliament at the 11th Plenary Assembly.

Santiago, Chile - September, 2014

Readings of interest

Declaration on Parliamentary Openness (2012)

Common ethical principles for members of Parliament

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Open Parliament in the age of internet: ¿Can people now collaborate with legislatures in lawmaking?

Cristiano Ferri Soares de Faria (2013)

Open Parliaments? Comparative analysis of parliamentary transparency and probity in Latin America. (in Spanish)

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Legislative Openness in the Southern Cone. And the data? (in Spanish)

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Comparative analysis of probity, transparency, accountability and citizen participation in the legislative. (in Spanish)

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