About the OPN

At the international seminar "Transparency and Probity in the National Congress and Political Party System,” held in Santiago, Chile from January 12 to 13, 2012, the parliamentarians in attendance unanimously signed the Santiago Declaration, in which it was agreed to create the Inter-American Parliamentary Network for Transparency, Access to Public Information and Probity. This Declaration was supported by a number of parliaments of the Americas.

In September 2015, the Network was incorporated into the governance structure of ParlAmericas, under the name Open Parliament Network. It is currently presided by Senator Hernán Larraín of Chile.

Declaration of Santigo

Document in which the creation of the Open Parliament Network was formalized. 


  1. To reinforce mechanisms that ensure democratic institutions are transparent and in compliance with the highest ethical principles for political work;
  2. To urge congresses and legislative and national assemblies of the Americas and the Caribbean to commit to combatting corruption through the adoption of measures that build on agreements issued in international treaties, and other agreements related to transparency and access to public information;
  3. To strengthen parliamentary ethics standards through the establishment of clear rules that regulate conflict of interest, ethics codes and committees, as well as rules that allow for the active participation of citizens and for citizen control, among others;
  4. To promote the exchange of knowledge and experience on issues related to combatting corruption, and in particular, to share good practices implemented in the region, where relevant;
  5. To implement a legal framework for accountability that includes the evaluation of management, access to public information, fight against corruption, prevention of conflict of interest and influence peddling, internal control and political financing, among others;
  6. To promote engagement with citizens through openness initiatives fostering dialogue, participatory methods for developing standards, setting of an agenda for using new technologies and open data, and participation driven by citizen control.

Meeting summaries 

(In Spanish)


Buenos Aires, Argentina
December, 2012

  Bogota, Colombia
September, 2013

Mexico City, Mexico
December, 2013

  Santiago de Chile, Chile
August, 2015


“This is the commitment that citizens expect from us – clear and concrete answers to their social demands, executed effectively, in a way that is open, transparent, direct, and participatory. With this change, not only will we be able to see through more State transformations, but we will be able to pride ourselves on a true democracy that is citizen-oriented.”

Hernán Larraín
Senator, Chile
President of The Open Parliament Network

Plenary Assembly of ParlAmericas
September, 2014
Santiago - Chile