About the OPN

The ParlAmericas Open Parliament Network (OPN) promotes legislative openness through efforts to increase transparency and access to public information, strengthen the accountability of democratic institutions, promote the participation of citizens in legislative decision-making, and ensure a culture of ethical behaviour and probity in the national legislatures of the Americas and the Caribbean.

Since its integration in ParlAmericas in 2015, the Network (formerly known as Inter-American Parliamentary Network on Transparency, Access to Public Information, and Probity), provides workshops, facilitates peer to peer exchanges and produces tools for legislators with the ultimate objective of combating corruption, enhancing public trust and strengthening our democratic institutions, to build peaceful and inclusive societies that provide access to justice for all and boast of effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels, in support of Sustainable Development Goal 16. The outcomes of these activities also inform the development of specialized resources and online communities for parliamentarians.

The Network is governed by an elected Executive Committee, composed of the President (who also serves as 2nd Vice-President on ParlAmericas’ Board of Directors) and sub-regional Vice-Presidents representing North, Central, and South America, and the Caribbean.

For further information on the Open Parliament Network please contact the ParlAmericas International Secretariat.

Open Parliament: a new form of interaction between citizens and legislatures that promote parliamentary openness and transparency, to ensure access to public information, accountability, citizen participation, and high probity and ethical standards in parliamentary work

The Road Map towards Legislative Openness provides a framework to help guide parliamentarians in producing their own national legislative openness action plans and/or initiatives. This document was co-created by parliamentarians and civil society organizations representing 20 countries of the Americas and the Caribbean and adopted at the 1st Gathering of the OPN in Asuncion, Paraguay in 2016. Commitments are organized under four pillars:


Transparency and Access to Information

Individuals’ fundamental human right to information that is of public interest through mechanisms for the disclosure of reliable information and compliance with requests for such information




Public servants’ obligation to explain, provide justification for, and communicate their decisions and actions with respect to public resources



Citizen participation

Active involvement of citizens in public decision-making processes that may impact their lives



Ethics and probity

Norms of highest integrity that individuals should adhere to while serving as public servants

Executive Committee

Javier Macaya Danús
Member of the Chamber of Deputies, Chile

Bertha Alicia Caraveo Camarena
First Vice-President - North America
Senator, Mexico

The Honourable René Cormier
Second Vice-President - North America
Senator, Canada

Ana Lucía Delgado Orozco
First Vice-President - Central America
Member of the Legislative Assembly, Costa Rica

Corina Cano Córdoba
Second Vice-President - Central America
Member of the National Assembly, Panama

Wilma Andrade Muñoz
Vice-President - South America
Member of the National Assembly, Ecuador

The Honourable Ranard Eric Henfield
Vice-President - Caribbean
Senator, The Bahamas

Emilie Lemieux
Deputy Director, Open Parliament and Sustainable Development

Elections for the Executive Committee are held during the OPN’s gathering. For more information about the governance of the Executive Committee, please read our statutes.