7th Plenary Assembly - Mexico City, Mexico 2010

Ciudad de México, México7th Plenary Assembly

Theme: New Challenges for the Americas in the 21st Century

Objectives of the meeting: to discuss a number of challenges facing the Americas, including preparation and response to disasters and emergency situations, regional security and transnational crime, and the participation of civil society in democracy, and to develop recommendations for the hemisphere’s parliaments.

Working groups

  • WG1. Preparation and Response to Natural and Human-Made Disasters and Emergency Situations
  • WG2. Regional Security and Transnational Crime
  • WG3. Participation of Civil Society in the Strengthening of Democracy
  • Group of Women Parliamentarians. No discrimination and interculturality


  • Disaster Management in Latin America and the Caribbean: Engaging Policy Makers (Jeremy Collymore - WG1)
  • Challenges in Disaster Preparedness, Mitigation and Response (Ricardo Mena - WG1)
  • Threats to Latin American Security: New and Old (Gerardo Rodríguez Sánchez Lara - WG2)
  • Security Sector Reform and the Regional Fight against Organized Crime: Analysis and Proposal (Athanasios Hristoulas - WG2)
  • Civil Society & Citizen Participation in Democracy Strengthening I (Koebel Price - WG3)
  • Civil Society & Citizen Participation in Democracy Strengthening II (Professor Philip Oxhorn - WG3)
  • Progress, Setbacks, and Challenges Concerning the Afro-Caribbean Women’s Electoral Political Participation (Gloria Young - Group of Women Parliamentarians)

Inauguration. Statement by Adriana González (Mexico), member of the Executive Committee of ParlAmericas (Spanish)


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