The importance of parliamentary oversight during the COVID-19 pandemic     COVID-19: An Analysis of the Legislative Agenda and the Centering of Gender Equality in Legislative Responses     Centering Gender Equality in Legislative Responses to the Pandemic

 Compendium of Legislative and Executive Actions from the Americas and the Caribbean in Response to COVID-19   Organizing Virtual Parliamentary Sittings    COVID-19: The Challenge of Adapting and Strengthening the Role of Parliaments 
COVID-19 and Parliament’s Role During a Pandemic        







Gender Sensitivity in Legislation    Policy Guide: Parental Leave     Promoting Women's Candidacies


Equal Media Treatment of 
Women Politicians
  Multi-Party Caucuses
for Gender Equality




Navigating Online Information:
Tips and Tricks for Parliamentary Research

Action Plan for Preventing Political Harassment and Violence Against Women   Diversifiying Political Power To Build Inclusive Societies
Gender-Based Political Harassment: Building Awareness In Parliaments        



Legislative Transparency Toolkit    Strengthening Accountability through Fiscal Openness: A Toolkit for Parliamentarians in the Americas and the Caribbean
Guide to Develop Open Parliament Action Plans
What is Open Parliament?   Road Map Towards Legislative Openness   The Open Government Partnership:
An Overview for Parliamentarians
in the Americas and the Caribbean







Legislation, Regulations and Parliamentary Best Practices for Legislative Openness: The Canadian Experience   Citizen Participation in the
Legislative Process
  Regulatory Frameworks for Citizen Participation in the Legislative Process in the Americas and the Caribbean
Good Practices on Transparency and Citizen Participation in the Legislatures of the Americas   Parliaments and Open Government: Early Lessons from Country Experiences



 Parliaments and the Paris Agreement
   Primer on Gender-Responsive Disaster and Crisis Planning for the Caribbean     Guide on Supporting a Post-COVID-19 Green Economic Recovery


Guide on Green Parliaments: Actions to Promote Sustainable Practices within Parliaments   Parliament's Role in Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals   Parliamentary Protocol for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation



Primer on Climate Financing: Mechanisms and Opportunities for Latin America and the Caribbean
  Primer on Carbon Pricing
  Primer on the United Nations Climate Change Regime



A Comparative Overview of Legislative 
and Executive Responses in the Americas
   A Comparative Overview of the
Rights Based Approach in the Americas
   Nationally Determined Contributions



Election Observation:
Aide Memoire for Parliamentarians