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October 26, 2012
Director General of ParlAmericas Participates as Panellist at IDEA’s Inter-Regional Workshop
Gina Hill addressed the participants of the inter-regional workshop on Regional Organizations and Inclusive Political Participation and Representation, hosted by International IDEA, in New York City, United States. Her presentation was part of the workshop’s Session IV, which focused on the complementary role of regional parliaments and parliamentary assemblies as they relate to regional organizations. Among the themes covered were the identification of cooperation mechanisms, as well as initiatives undertaken by regional organizations and parliaments.

“Because we are not issue-based, we leave it to parliamentarians to determine what are topics of current interest and importance about which they would like to learn more, exchange perspectives, and issue recommendations. Through ParlAmericas, one way parliamentarians in the hemisphere contribute to democratic processes is by bringing these recommendations back to their national parliaments.

“While it may be difficult to measure tangible results, I believe the value of parliamentary diplomacy and informal dialogue cannot be underestimated.”