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August 30 | Panama City, Panama

8th Meeting of the Group of Women Parliamentarians (held during the 9th Plenary Assembly)

Host: Panama Theme: Financial Crisis and its Effects on Women in the Region

Objectives of the meeting: to reflect upon the economic crisis and its impact on women, to identify the unique characteristics of women as vulnerable subjects in an economic crisis, to define the social and historical context giving rise to the economic crisis, as well as its financial components, and to identify potential Government policies to protect women and support them in an economic downturn.

August 30 | Panama City, Panama

9th ParlAmericas Plenary Assembly

Objectives of the meeting: to discuss the topics of weak rule of law, the economic crisis, and climate change, with the guidance of experts from eight countries of the Americas, and to develop recommendations for the hemisphere’s parliaments.

May 9 | Valparaiso, Chile

4th Annual Gathering of the Group of Women Parliamentarians (2012)


Citizen Security for Women: A Parliamentary Task


  • To discuss strategies for incorporating concrete mechanisms of protection for women into the national public safety policies of countries in the Americas

April 9 | Cartagena, Colombia

Parliamentary Dialogue prior to the 6th Summit of the Americas

Who: ParlAmericas representatives from Canada, Mexico, Honduras, and Haiti.

Objectives of the meeting: to participate in an inter-parliamentary dialogue coordinated by the Andean Parliament, with the support of ParlAmericas.

February 9 | Washington DC, USA

Signing of Memorandum of Understanding between ParlAmericas and the OAS


  • To formalize a framework to enhance cooperation and interaction in areas of common concern, in particular: democracy, legal systems, and the rule of law

January 30 | St. John's, Antigua & Barbuda

Workshop 5: Strengthening Parliamentary Budget Oversight (Caribbean)

Host: Antigua Theme: Strengthening Parliamentary Budget Oversight Publication: Strengthening Parliamentary Oversight in the Caribbean

Objectives of the meeting: to discuss key issues faced by Public Accounts Committees (PACs), to share best practices from PACs in large and small Caribbean legislatures, to strengthen the relationship between Auditors General and PACs, to develop strategies to strengthen the independence of Auditors General, and to enhance regional knowledge sharing on budgetary oversight.