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About the PNGE

The ParlAmericas Parliamentary Network for Gender Equality (PNGE) promotes women’s political leadership and gender mainstreaming in the agendas and operations of the national legislatures of the Americas and the Caribbean.

Since its creation in 2003, the Network (formerly known as the Group of Women Parliamentarians) has carried out activities and initiatives that bring together legislators from across the hemisphere for the exchange of knowledge and good practices to advance women’s rights and gender equality. Through its inter-parliamentary gatherings, the Network has addressed topics of shared importance such as women’s economic empowerment, ending gender-based political violence, electoral reforms to promote women’s candidacies, gender-sensitive media and communications, and parliamentary caucuses for gender equality, among others. The outcomes of these activities also inform the development of specialized resources and online communities for parliamentarians.

The Network for Gender Equality is committed to creating diverse and inclusive working spaces, encouraging the participation of male allies, and collaborating with women’s organizations and social movements towards shared objectives.

The Network is governed by an elected Executive Committee, composed of the President (who also serves as 2nd Vice-President on ParlAmericas’ Board of Directors) and sub-regional Vice-Presidents representing North, Central, and South America, and the Caribbean.

For further information on the Parliamentary Network for Gender Equality please contact the ParlAmericas International Secretariat.

Executive Committee

Verónica Noemí Camino Farjat
Senator, Mexico

The Honourable Mobina Jaffer
Vice-President – North America
Senator, Canada

Kayra Harding Bart
Vice-President – Central America
Member of the National Assembly, Panama

Jezmi Barraza Arraut
Vice-President – South America
Representative, Colombia

Vice-President – The Caribbean

Coordination of the Parliamentary Staff Network on Gender Equality

Sulma E. Campos Mata
General Coordinator
Head of the Technical Unit for Gender Equality, Senate, Mexico

Geneviève Garneau
Regional Coordinator – North America
Senior Advisor, Talent Management, Senate, Canada

Kathy Ramos
Regional Coordinator – Central America
Gender Equality Director, National Assembly, Panama

María Cristina Rosado Sarabia
Regional Coordinator – South America
Coordinator of the Legal Committee for the Equality of Women, Congress, Colombia

Tracy Cohen
Regional Coordinator – The Caribbean
Assistant Clerk of the Houses of Parliament, Jamaica

Elections for the Executive Committee are held during the PNGE’s gathering. For more information about the governance of the Executive Committee, please read our statutes.