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The Gender Equality portal, “ParlGenderTools,” is an online, interactive space for self-guided learning that features toolkits on different gender equality issues tailored for parliamentarians in the Americas and the Caribbean. Each toolkit includes specialized resources, data, videos, and linkages to relevant international and regional frameworks in order to support parliamentarians in their advocacy and legislative action on prominent gender and development topics. The portal also allows for parliamentarians to share effective practices being applied in their parliament related to toolkit topics, facilitating knowledge exchange across the region.

Open Parliament Portal

The Open Parliament Portal is an online platform designed for parliamentarians, parliamentary staff and parliamentary strengthening practitioners in the Americas and the Caribbean. It provides information on legislative openness and a space to exchange knowledge and experiences from the hemisphere through videos, infographics, presentations and external resources. This portal will include several toolkits developed by ParlAmericas to support the implementation of open parliament principles, organized in accordance with the pillars of ParlAmericas’ Road Map towards Legislative Openness: transparency and access to public information, accountability, ethics, and public participation, the first of the toolkits currently available online. It provides useful resources for anyone looking for inspiration or guidance to develop and implement an Open Parliament Action Plan or specific openness initiatives. Features also enable users to share openness practices and mechanisms currently in place within the region as well as consult a glossary defining important concepts.