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November 17 | Mexico City, Mexico

6th Meeting of the Group of Women Parliamentarians (held during the 7th Plenary Assembly)


Progress, Difficulties and Challenges With Respect to Political and Electoral Participation by Women


To discuss issues related to the current situation of women’s participation in politics, family issues they face, as well as their roles, and the issue of confidence in their abilities and the right to act as political representatives of men and women

November 17 | Mexico City, Mexico

7th Plenary Assembly

Theme: New Challenges for the Americas in the 21st Century

Objectives of the meeting: to discuss a number of challenges facing the Americas, including preparation and response to disasters and emergency situations, regional security and transnational crime, and the participation of civil society in democracy, and to develop recommendations for the hemisphere’s parliaments.

Working groups

  • WG1. Preparation and Response to Natural and Human-Made Disasters and Emergency Situations
  • WG2. Regional Security and Transnational Crime
  • WG3. Participation of Civil Society in the Strengthening of Democracy
  • Group of Women Parliamentarians. No discrimination and interculturality

Inauguration. Statement by Adriana González (Mexico), member of the Executive Committee of ParlAmericas (Spanish)

August 11 | Quito, Ecuador

2nd Annual Gathering of the Group of Women Parliamentarians (2010)


Women in Power: Challenges for the 21st Century


  • To further develop women parliamentarians’ political skills from a gender and human rights perspective 


The meeting agenda was developed based on the current scenario in the Americas and the status of women’s rights, under the following topics: Exercising Power: The Experience of a Woman Politician; The Current Situation of Women’s Rights in the Americas: A Critical Look at National Legislatures; and Women Politicians and the Media.

June 6 | Lima, Peru

OAS General Assembly 40

Objectives of the meeting: to adopt decisions on issues such as peace, hemispheric security and cooperation, democracy, human rights, freedom of expression, legal development, social development, terrorism, corruption, civil society, removal of anti-personnel landmines, combating the manufacturing of and illicit trafficking in arms, cooperation in dealing with criminal gangs, drug abuse control, natural disasters, trade, tourism, scholarships, disability, women, children, and indigenous peoples.

FIPA delegation

  • Adriana González Carillo, Senator, Mexico
  • Alberto Grillón, Senator, Paraguay
  • Rosemary Husbands-Mathurin, Speaker of the House of Assembly, Saint Lucia
  • Víctor Juliao, Member of the National Assembly, Panama
  • Linda Machuca, Member of the National Assembly, Ecuador
  • Emmanuelle Pelletier, Executive Secretary, FIPA

May 20 | Mexico City, Mexico

Workshop 3. The Doha Development Round

Theme: The Doha Development Round:  Challenges and Opportunities for the Region

Objectives of the meeting: to promote a better understanding of the multilateral trading system and the current state of play in the Doha Development Agenda negotiations, to provide a forum for participants to discuss and share ideas and opinions on the content of the negotiations and their possible impact on countries in the region as well as on other topics of regional interest, and to encourage open discussion on the potential role of parliaments, international organizations and trade in promoting development.