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PNGE Activities


November 19 | Bridgetown, Barbados

Parliamentary-Civil Society Dialogue | Transformational Leadership for Gender Equality in the Caribbean: Regional Strategies and Partnerships


RESOURCES Women’s political leadership

Gender and sustainable development

Inclusive legislative work

Gender-based violence and discrimination

May 22 | Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

10th Gathering of the Parliamentary Network for Gender Equality: Gender-Responsive Climate Action



Following the elections held at the gathering, the composition of the Parliamentary Network for Gender Equality Executive Committee is as follows:

  • President:
    • Member of the Chamber of Deputies Karina Banfi (Argentina)
  • Vice-President – North America:
    • Senator Mobina Jaffer (Canada)
  • Vice-President – Central America:
    • Member of the Legislative Assembly Norma Cristina Cornejo (El Salvador)
  • Vice-President – Caribbean:
    • President of the Senate Chester Humphrey (Grenada)
  • Vice-President – South America:
    • Member of the National Assembly Karina Arteaga (Ecuador)
    • Alternate: Member of the Chamber of Deputies Marcela Sabat (Chile)
  • Observer:
    • Member of the National Assembly Delsa Solórzano (Venezuela)

January 24 | Kingston, Jamaica

Inter-parliamentary Meeting: Partnerships to Transform Gender Relations


RESOURCES Session 1: Comprehensive approaches to address gender inequality

Session 2: Effective strategies for engaging men

Session 3: Media and cultural agents

Session 4: Advancing legislative reforms for workplace equality: Critical moments for change