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August 30, 2012
Opening of the 9th Plenary Assembly of ParlAmericas

The 9th Plenary Assembly of ParlAmericas, formally inaugurated this morning, has gathered over 40 parliamentarians from North America, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean to discuss four core topics: Weak Rule of Law: A Threat to Citizen Security; The Impact of the Global Economic Crisis on the Americas; Climate Change and the Environment; and Financial Crisis and its Effects on Women in the Region.

Major Pricilla de Oliveira Azevedo (Brazil), Marco Antonio Castillo (Guatemala), Howard N. Fenton (USA), Ottón Solís Fallas (Costa Rica), Laura Gómez-Mera (Argentina), Michelle Michot Foss (USA), Margarita Astrálaga (Colombia), Jason Spensley (Canada), and Mayra Buvinic (Chile) will share their expertise with all participants.

“Insecurity, climate change, and the economy are major issues facing us today. We will discuss them in the course of the Plenary Assembly, and I do hope we may issue some recommendations to assist our governments and peoples in being ready for and responding to them,” said Victor Juliao III (Panama), host of this meeting and 1st Vice-President of ParlAmericas.