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March 8, 2014
ParlAmericas Commemorates International Women’s Day 2014

Today, ParlAmericas joins millions across the hemisphere in commemorating International Women’s Day. The Group of Women Parliamentarians, ParlAmericas’ permanent working group, recognizes women across the region working tirelessly for gender equality.

There are many recent advances worth celebrating. According to the Inter-Parliamentary Union, for instance, women in the Americas lead the world in expanding their parliamentary presence, with a regional average of 25.2 percent. This political leadership of women is crucial for equitable and sustainable development in all of our countries.

We also seize the occasion to focus on the legislative work that must be carried out to secure a more solid foundation of respect for women’s rights. Our countries urgently need to address the problems many women face daily: food insecurity, poverty, gender violence, and workplace discrimination, to name just a few.

ParlAmericas’ Group of Women Parliamentarians will continue to promote the mainstreaming of a gender perspective on the legislative agenda. This year’s International Women’s Day theme, “Inspiring Change,” reminds us that by coming together to exchange innovative ideas, share success stories, and learn from the challenges and setbacks that affect us all, we can build a more prosperous future for all citizens of the hemisphere.