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July 24, 2020
ParlAmericas participates in a Virtual Forum organized by the Congress of the Republic of Peru on post-COVID-19 experiences and challenges across parliaments in the Americas.

On Friday, July 17, with the support of ParlAmericas, the Congress of the Republic of Peru held the Virtual Forum “Parliaments in the Americas: Post-COVID-19 Experiences and Challenges,” with the aim of sharing and exchanging key aspects of priority issues and the functioning of parliament in light of the experiences and challenges faced since the start of the pandemic, as well as discussing future challenges. Speakers included Member of the Chamber of Deputies Javier Macaya (Chile), Vice-President of the ParlAmericas Open Parliament Network; Senator Rosa Gálvez (Canada), Vice-President of the ParlAmericas Parliamentary Network on Climate Change; and Member of Congress Leonardo Inga (Peru), President of the Multi-Party Special Committee on COVID-19.

The Head of the Office for International Cooperation of the Congress of the Republic of Peru, Javier Salinas, welcomed participants to the forum. A speech was also delivered by the Peruvian Member of Congress and Member of the ParlAmericas Board of Directors Rolando Ruíz, who noted, “in view of the complex situation we presently face, it is vital that we learn about the experiences of other countries in order to enrich ourselves from this exchange, knowing that the measures we adopt should make a fundamental contribution to economic and social recovery while safeguarding and ensuring a healthy democracy with equal opportunities for all.”

The presentation by Member of the Chamber of Deputies Macaya stressed that efforts made towards legislative openness have been key to ensuring the continuity of the National Congress of Chile, highlighting that “we’ve prepared ourselves for the future in terms of transparency and the role that the citizenry should have in its own empowerment (…) Today, people are watching our work closely. That’s why open parliament concepts like the transparency and integrity of parliamentary work will always guide us.” Senator Gálvez focused her presentation on the importance of political oversight in a sustainable and inclusive economic recovery, underlining that “80% of Canadians surveyed stated they wanted a green recovery; one that was cleaner, smarter, and more sustainable. Therefore, that recovery should address three points: commitments on climate and the environment, a fair transition for workers, and a sustainable and inclusive economy.” Lastly, Member of Congress Inga described the scope of the actions taken by the Peruvian parliament in response to the crisis, highlighting that “the pandemic has affected different sectors of the economy, which is why we set up five task forces within our committee. One of them oversees contracting and the procurement of goods and services during this emergency, and another focuses on monitoring measures adopted by the executive branch in the health sector.”

The Virtual Forum ended with a speech by Member of Congress Guillermo Aliaga, 2nd Vice-President of the Congress of the Republic of Peru, who thanked the panellists for their participation, as well as their commitment to tackling the current crisis.

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