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May 27, 2020
ParlAmericas participates in Andean Forum of Women Parliamentarians Confronting the COVID-19 Pandemia

Member of the National Assembly Elizabeth Cabezas (Ecuador), president of ParlAmericas; and Member of the Chamber of Deputies Paulina Núñez (Chile) participated in the “Andean Forum of Women Parliamentarians Confronting the COVID-19 Pandemia,” organized by the Leadership Center for Women of the Americas, NDI Colombia, the Observatory of Women’s Political Participation of Ecuador, PRO Mujer, and the Violeta Correa Institute. The forum, which included participants from Bolivia, Chile,  Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela, served as a space for sharing good legislative practices that respond to the social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, including increased levels of violence against women.

In her intervention, Member of the National Assembly Cabezas highlighted actions in the areas of health and employment, underscoring gender considerations that should be part of all responses to the crisis. Among her recommendations was the enactment of protections for frontline health personnel, which has indirect gender implications, as women represent half of the doctors and 80% of the nurses in Latin America and the Caribbean. Ms. Cabezas also spoke about the importance of providing support to informal workers and those in the care economy, sectors which have been greatly affected by the crisis and comprise a majority of women.

Member of the Chamber of Deputies Paulina Núñez underscored actions taken by the Chamber of Deputies of Chile, which include economic aid and public health campaigns for vulnerable populations, economic support for victims of domestic violence, and the extension of post-natal leave during the health emergency that has resulted from the virus.

The meeting was of great importance for the exchange of good practices that help to guarantee the sustainability and inclusivity of economic recovery in the face of COVID-19. It illustrated the significance of inter-parliamentary cooperation and gender equality mainstreaming in legislative work.