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August 26, 2019
ParlAmericas urges for ambitious legislative climate actions at the Latin America and Caribbean climate week 2018

ParlAmericas actively participated in the Latin American and the Caribbean Climate Week 2019 (LACCW) which took place in Salvador, Brazil from August 19 to 23. Senator Verónica Camino (Mexico), Vice-President – North America of the Parliamentary Network for Gender Equality represented ParlAmericas as an expert panelist in the high-level ministerial segment of the LACCW “Towards COP 25 and Efforts to Achieve the Aims of the Paris Agreement” and the side event on “Progress and Ways Forward for Gender-Responsive National Climate Action in the Latin American and the Caribbean Region.”

The main objective of this year’s LACCW was to foster engagement between actors from across the region to increase ambition and exchange knowledge and good practices that can contribute to the implementation of national climate plans and the achievement of the Paris Agreement goals.

Throughout her participation, Senator Camino highlighted the importance of including parliamentarians in national and regional climate discussions, and in advancing an inclusive climate agenda. “It is essential that governments and international agencies involved in climate discussions see us as key partners in the promotion of ambitious climate actions. It is of vital importance that through the exercise of our function as representatives, we gather the needs and proposals of our communities to advance in the consolidation of a comprehensive climate agenda,” stated Senator Camino.

ParlAmericas has been promoting the importance of effectively integrating gender equality considerations across the climate change agenda, recognizing the differential risks and impacts of climate change and disasters on the population as a result of socioeconomic inequalities and other demographic factors.  As part of her presentations, Senator Camino emphasized that “ParlAmericas will continue advocating for climate action to be participatory and inclusive, and for women to be considered as key agents in all public policy processes and climate-related decision making.”

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