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June 5, 2018
Government of Canada Announces Support to ParlAmericas Project to Promote Women’s Political Leadership in Latin America and the Caribbean

ParlAmericas is pleased to share that today the Government of Canada announced it will contribute $4.99 million for a project to advance women’s political leadership in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This three-year project led by ParlAmericas will provide targeted support to multi-partisan women’s organizations working through local chapters and affiliates, and in collaboration with national parliaments. The project will build enabling environments for women of diverse backgrounds and ages to participate in elections and other political processes in their countries.

“This initiative is a unique opportunity to strengthen the capacity and sustainability of women’s organizations that bring together emerging and experienced leaders across political lines. These organizations are dedicated to tackling the barriers to women’s political participation in our region,” said Senator Marcela Guerra of Mexico, President of ParlAmericas.

This announcement reflects commitments outlined in Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy (FIAP), which recognizes that reducing poverty and inequalities requires a transformation of social norms and power relations that disadvantage women and girls. This aligns with the guiding principles and activities of ParlAmericas to promote women’s political participation and partnerships for inclusive governance.

“We are thrilled by the support that Global Affairs Canada is providing. The Government of Canada has been a steadfast partner in ParlAmericas’ efforts to advance gender equality through joint actions by parliamentarians and civil society,” stated the Hon. Bob Nault, Member of Parliament of Canada, Vice-President of ParlAmericas, and Chair of its Canadian Section. “It’s clear that investing in women’s rights and gender equality is both the smart thing to do – as it will accelerate all development priorities – and the right thing to do, from a human rights perspective.”

For over 15 years, ParlAmericas has facilitated inter-parliamentary activities and collective efforts to advance women’s political leadership and gender mainstreaming in legislative work in the Americas and the Caribbean. These efforts are supported by a permanent working group of parliamentarians, the ParlAmericas Parliamentary Network for Gender Equality.