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May 30, 2023
Meeting of the ParlAmericas Parliamentary Staff Network on Gender Equality highlighted the importance of an intersectional approach to eradicating gender-based violence

The 5th Virtual Meeting of the ParlAmericas Parliamentary Staff Network on Gender Equality was held today, May 30, providing a forum for exchange and dialogue on the prevention of discrimination and gender-based violence in the parliamentary setting.

The agenda for the meeting, “Addressing gender-based violence in parliaments from an intersectional perspective,” underscored the importance of initiatives that seek to prevent, address, and sanction gender-based violence through interventions by parliamentary staff. It included a presentation by Stella Maria Vaz, General Coordinator of the Standing Committee for the Promotion of Gender and Racial Equality of the Federal Senate of Brazil. Event participants also benefited from the contributions of guest experts Ana Elena Obando (Equality Now) and Rosario Galarza Meza (International Disability Alliance) to explore how consideration of the intersectional identities of persons affected by gender-based violence can strengthen local protocols and programs.

Highlights of the meeting included discussions on the key aspects of addressing gender-based violence from the perspective of human rights of persons with disabilities and initiatives aimed at eradicating racism and preventing gender-based violence. Sulma Campos Mata, director of the Technical Unit for Gender Equality of the Senate of Mexico and General Coordinator of the Network, gave the welcoming remarks at the meeting, and the moderators included:

●    Maryan Henriquez, Coordinator of Gender Policies of the Chamber of Deputies of Chile;
●    Kathy Ramos, Director of the Gender Equality Unit of the National Assembly of Panama and Regional Coordinator for Central America of the Network; and
●    María Cristina Rosado, Coordinator of the Legal Committee for Women’s Equity of the Congress of the Republic of Colombia and Regional Coordinator for South America of the Network.

To conclude the meeting, Ilana Trombka, Director General of the Federal Senate of Brazil, announced that the Senate will host the next ParlAmericas in-person meeting for parliamentary staff in Latin America, titled “Open and Inclusive Parliaments: Experiences and Strategies in Latin America,” on August 10 and 11, 2023.