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December 4, 2018
ParlAmericas and the Congress of Chile organize a meeting for the co-creation of a guide to developing an open parliament action plan, contributing to advancing legislative openness in the hemisphere

From December 5-7, ParlAmericas and the National Congress of the Republic of Chile will welcome legislators, parliamentary clerks, and civil society representatives for two meetings aimed at fostering the exchange of best practices and implementing actions directed at promoting the development of Open Parliament Action Plans.

The Chamber of Deputies of Chile will host a collaborative meeting in which parliamentarians, parliamentary clerks, and civil society representatives will share experiences, challenges, and solutions in developing Open Parliament Action Plans. This gathering will provide a space for participants to collectively contribute to the preparation of a guide on developing said action plans in a transparent and inclusive manner. This guide will also outline the main processes, criteria, priorities, and commitments to follow in designing this important parliamentary tool.

“ParlAmericas is committed to improving the transparency and accountability of parliaments and in the advancement of legislative openness. This meeting will allow for frank dialogue among all actors involved in strengthening our democratic institutions, contributing to increased citizens’ confidence, and reinforcing our capacities to contribute to sustainable development,” affirmed the president of the Chamber of Deputies of Chile, Maya Fernández Allende.

In turn, the Senate of the Republic of Chile will be the setting for a meeting in which parliamentary clerks from the Americas and the Caribbean will build their knowledge through dialogue and exchanges about designing, monitoring, and evaluating innovative practices and processes for legislative openness.

“The Open Parliament Action Plans have proven to be a useful tool for making progress on legislative openness through an innovative process that involves significant collaboration with civil society. During this meeting, we will work on a practical guide that will become a valuable resource for parliaments in their quest to initiate or improve their strategic processes for identifying and prioritizing more transparent and accountable initiatives, offering opportunities for citizen participation and promoting high ethical standards,” added Senator Blanca Ovelar (Paraguay), President of ParlAmericas’ Open Parliament Network.

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