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May 14, 2021
ParlAmericas participates in a webinar on the digital transformation of the legislative process

On Thursday, May 6, Bússola Tech, a Brazilian organization that promotes the exchange of experiences and initiatives supported by technology, hosted the webinar “The Digital Transformation of the Legislative Process” to reflect on technological innovation and the modernization of parliaments. Ms. Alisha Todd, Director General of ParlAmericas participated in this panel alongside Mr. Gustavo Sabóia Vieira, Secretary General of the Board of the Senate of Brazil; Mr. Juan Manuel Cheppi, Secretary General of the Chamber of Deputies of Argentina; and Nicolás Robinson Andrade, Director of Government Relations at Zoom Video Communications. This panel was moderated by Mr. Luís Kimaid, CEO of Bússola Tech.

This panel addressed efforts undertaken by parliaments to adapt their processes to enable remote work, modify legal provisions where necessary, and adopt new ICTs to support parliamentary processes during the COVID-19 pandemic. It also focused on the development of digital transformation strategies to strengthen the effectiveness of parliamentary work as well as transparency and participatory processes. Panellists reflected on the possible continued value of these efforts in the future, even if they were adopted as a temporary solution to address the current crisis.

Reflecting on the discussions that took place at the 3rd Meeting of the Parliamentary Staff Network on Open Parliament focused on technological innovation in March 2021, Ms. Todd noted that “modernization is broader than just digital transformation, as modernization efforts focus on improving the way that parliaments work to better serve citizens. This said, digital transformation plays a key role in modernization as many of our interactions these days happen in the digital sphere and therefore parliaments have an opportunity to use these tools to improve the effectiveness of parliament’s work and its accessibility to citizens.

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