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September 19, 2022
ParlAmericas participates in the Youth Assembly Program organized by the National Assembly of Panama

On September 14, the National Assembly of Panama and ParlAmericas jointly held one of the sessions of the Youth Assembly Program, with support from Fundación Espacio Cívico [the Civic Space Foundation] and the National Forum of Women in Political Parties (FONAMUPP). This activity brought together more than 100 members of the Youth Assembly from different parts of Panama for an in-person session that aimed to explore strategies to empower young people and examine how their experiences are key to promoting transparent and inclusive legislative processes that leave no one behind.

The session was attended by Mr. Juan Carlos Chavarría, Director of the Department of Citizen Participation of the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica, who shared insights on the Costa Rican experience in open parliament, as well as lessons learned to ensure the effective participation of youth in parliamentary processes, while considering equity and inclusion. Representing FONAMUPP, Ms. Karla Sánchez highlighted how the organization has sought to promote values of teamwork, leadership, equality, and responsibility with children in Panama through the storybook “Elena and the Ants: The River Rescue Team.” Finally, representing the Youth Legislative Impact Program, Mr. Eloy Morales emphasized the importance of ensuring a gender perspective in the program’s legislative initiatives to adequately respond to the public’s needs and the country’s commitments on an international level. This event was moderated by Mrs. Leah Cedeño de Boersner, Director of Fundación Espacio Cívico.

The session concluded with a dialogue among the participants on the different ways to contribute to politics and on the work of the National Assembly of Panama, referring to principles of transparency, broadening citizen participation, and inclusion.