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November 14, 2017
Parliamentarians from across the hemisphere discuss “post-truth” during the 14th ParlAmericas Plenary Assembly in Medellin

The 14th Plenary Assembly of ParlAmericas, the institution that promotes parliamentary diplomacy in the inter-American system, will take place in Medellin, Colombia, on November 15-17, focusing on Parliamentary Actions to Promote Responsible Political Discourse.

Legislators from the Americas and the Caribbean will exchange institutional and individual initiatives aimed at promoting responsible discursive practices that model tolerance, respect, and recognition of plurality as a contribution to the sustained commitment to strengthen our democracies.

The activities begin on Wednesday, November 15, with the 44th meeting of the ParlAmericas Board of Directors and the workshop Navigating Information: Online Research Practices to Support Parliamentary Work. The latter is being conducted in collaboration with the Political Analysis Unit of the Secretariat for Strengthening Democracy of the OAS.

During the Plenary Assembly on Thursday, November 16, and Friday, November 17, thematic panel sessions and roundtable working groups will be held with national and international experts. These will address, among other topics, fake news and its effects, parliamentary initiatives to facilitate media coverage of legislative issues, and the exchange of practices to promote responsible political discourse within parliaments.

Senator Marcela Guerra (Mexico), President of ParlAmericas, noted that, “It is imperative that we parliamentarians redouble our commitment to positively influence public dialogue and deliberation that recognizes plurality and diversity. Today, more than ever, it is necessary to resist the temptation for reductionism, the exacerbation of antagonism, and the perpetuation of divisions and differences.”

Representative German Blanco Álvarez (Colombia), member of the ParlAmericas Board, added, “The political moment in Colombia creates a favourable setting for reflection on the role of legislatures throughout the Americas, at a complex time for governance and democracy in the region.”

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