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October 2, 2018
Parliamentarians from the Americas and the Caribbean Promote Effective Climate Actions

On October 4-5, 2018, parliamentarians from the Americas and the Caribbean will meet in Panama City, Panama, for the 3rd Gathering of the Parliamentary Network on Climate Change to contribute to conversations started in the Talanoa Dialogue and promote parliaments’ role in advancing climate agendas comprised of effective and ambitious actions.

The gathering, organized by ParlAmericas and Parlatino, titled: “Fostering Climate Action in the Americas and the Caribbean: The Role of Parliaments within the Climate Agenda, will address topics such as the socio-economic challenges of and possibilities for limiting global temperature increase to 1.5Celsius, political-legislative perspectives on mechanisms to transform the risks of climate adaptation to national economies, and carbon pricing in the region.

The gathering will be an excellent opportunity for parliamentarians and climate experts from across the hemisphere to exchange and learn from each other,” stated the Honourable Robert Nault, President of ParlAmericas, and Member of Parliament for Canada. “We have all been witnessing the detrimental impact of climate change throughout the world and this meeting will provide us with more insight on how to develop effective actions in order to be able to respond to our common challenges and unique circumstances of our neighbours in the region.”

“Our role as the Parliamentary Network on Climate Change is to create tools, resources, and spaces such as this gathering, in which we promote dialogue that allows for the evaluation of the state of international climate change negotiations and progress made towards the achievement of commitments in our countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions,” stated Member of the National Assembly Javier Ortega (Panama), President of the Parliamentary Network on Climate Change.

Member of the National Assembly Elías Castillo (Panama), President of Parlatino, added that “the importance of this space organized by ParlAmericas and Parlatino is to support our work as parliamentarians in promoting effective climate governance, which, in turn, aligns with the international climate agenda.”

The gathering’s agenda includes a session for parliamentarians to share their perspectives on the Talanoa Dialogue’s evaluation questions, which will be discussed at a global level during the political phase of the Dialogue at COP24 in Poland next December.

For further information and updates on the 3rd Gathering of the Parliamentary Network for Climate Change, visit and and follow @ParlAmericas and @Parlatino_org on social media with the hashtag #ParlAmericasCC.