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July 24, 2017
Senator Marcela Guerra (Mexico), President of ParlAmericas, receives the Global Democracy Award

Senator Guerra was recognized by the Washington Academy of Political Arts & Sciences (WAPAS) with the Global Democracy Award. The award, given for the first time by the Academy, was conferred for her work as President of ParlAmericas, a position she held since being elected in 2014 by delegations representing national legislatures of the continent.

The main achievements recognized by the Academy were the following:


  • The consolidation of ParlAmericas as a hemispheric model for parliamentary diplomacy and cooperative political dialogue on the most prevalent issues on the inter-American agenda.
  • The work of the Parliamentary Network for Gender Equality in the pursuit of women’s political empowerment and participation, equality of conditions in public life, and the inclusion of gender perspective on the legislative agendas of the parliaments of the Americas.
  • The creation of the Road Map towards Legislative Openness by the Open Parliament Network, which promotes greater openness in the legislatures of the continent through transparency and access to information, probity and parliamentary ethics, accountability, and citizen participation.
  • The establishment of the Parliamentary Network on Climate Change in order to strengthen the legislative agenda for environmental conservation and protection, and the fight against climate change as a fundamental dimension of sustainable development.