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August 21 2013 | San Jose, Costa Rica

OAS Regional Seminar: Legislative Activity and New Alternatives in the Fight Against Drugs


  • To increase dialogue among parliamentarians, building on the release of the OAS comprehensive report The Drug Problem in the Americas
  • To discuss topics such as criminality, democracy, legislative agendas, the role of legislative institutions, and the importance of collaborative dialogue on these issues in the region

*This regional seminar is part of an ongoing project of the OAS: Strengthening the Capacities of Legislators from Central America, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. ParlAmericas is pleased to provide support for the project in the form of facilitating the participation of parliamentarians.

PARLAMERICAS DELEGATION ParlAmericas sponsored the participation of parliamentarians, including members of the Board of Directors. Secretary-Treasurer Germán Blanco spoke on the high-level panel “Drugs and collaborative dialogue between public authorities.”