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July 16, 2020
ParlAmericas shares insight by parliamentarians from Chile and Colombia in a session held by the Constitutional Amendment Committee of Ecuador to discuss the bicameral proposal for parliament

On Monday, July 13, ParlAmericas contributed regional perspectives to the debates being held by the Constitutional Amendment Committee of the National Assembly of Ecuador, presided by Member of the National Assembly Elizabeth Cabezas, President of ParlAmericas, on the subject of a bill for the Partial Reform of the Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador, which proposes a bicameral parliamentary system. International viewpoints on the matter were provided by Senator Rodrigo Lara of Colombia and Miguel Landeros, Secretary General of the Chamber of Deputies of Chile.

During the session, Senator Lara and Mr. Landeros discussed the structure and powers of the upper and lower houses of their respective legislatures, while highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of the bicameral system. Senator Lara noted, “Despite the fact that both houses have very similar powers, the bicameral system in Colombia has been decisive in strengthening the Legislative Branch and tempering Executive power.” Mr. Landeros suggested, “Before deciding on how parliament should be structured, it’s important to analyze the regime in place so as to define the powers that congress should have in order to ensure effective governance.”

Committee members then posed questions to the panellists in order to clarify certain details related to the procedures and functioning of each house’s administrative system. Lastly, Member of the National Assembly Elizabeth Cabezas thanked the panellists for their presentations and participation in this important dialogue, and she highlighted that they “made a substantial contribution to this debate which seeks to strengthen the legislature, thereby improving the functioning and performance of the Ecuadorian parliament.”

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