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December 6 | Santiago, Chile

Co-creation Meeting: Guide to Develop an Open Parliament Action Plan

December 5 | Santiago, Chile

Reunião para os funcionários do parlamento: planos de ação de parlamento aberto




April 11 | Lima, Peru

3rd Gathering of the ParlAmericas Open Parliament Network on the occasion of the VIII Summit of the Americas: Open States for Democratic Governance Against Corruption

Following the elections held at the gathering, the composition of the Open Parliament Network Executive Committee is as follows:

  • President:
    • Senator Blanca Ovelar (Paraguay)
  • Vice-President – North America:
    • Member of Parliament Randy Boissonnault (Canada)
  • Vice-President – Central America:
    • Member of Parliament Marvin Orellana (Guatemala)
  • Vice-President – Caribbean:
    • Senator Saphire Longmore (Jamaica)
  • Vice-President – South America:
    • Member of the Chamber of Deputies Javier Macaya Danús (Chile)
    • Alternate: Senator Andrés García Zuccardi (Colombia)
  • Observer:
    • Member of the National Assembly Williams Dávila (Venezuela)