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October 21, 2014
Inter-Parliamentary Union Calls for Parliaments to Promote Policies to Combat the Ebola Epidemic

At the 131st Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) held this month in Geneva, Switzerland, a request was made for the inclusion of an emergency item on the agenda to consider the current Ebola outbreak. The outbreak has had devastating health and security consequences for the West African region and beyond.

The assembly adopted a resolution titled, The Role of Parliaments in Supporting an Immediate and Robust International Response to the Ebola Epidemic and in Enacting Laws Ensuring an Effective Response to and Preparedness for Ebola and Other Infectious Disease Outbreaks.

Among other items, the resolution “Invites parliaments to promote effective policies to combat the Ebola epidemic at national and international level [sic]; [It] Also invites parliaments to enact the legislation needed to improve health systems and emergency preparedness, with a view to boosting the capacity to deal with the serious public health and humanitarian crises that may result from an infectious disease outbreak.”


Through this resolution, IPU appeals to the international community to urgently mobilize the resources necessary to tackle the Ebola crisis. It furthermore calls for longer-term solutions such as enacting legislation to improve health systems and better preparing to deal with such health emergencies (read the IPU press release).


The President of ParlAmericas, Mexican Senator Marcela Guerra Castillo, attended the 131st Assembly (photos here) and urges parliamentarians from ParlAmericas member legislatures to consider sharing the resolution in their respective chambers.


ParlAmericas was granted Permanent Observer Status at IPU during the 128th Assembly.