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July 6, 2020
ParlAmericas participates in the online meeting, “The National Assembly, Transparency, and the Pandemic,” organized by the Foundation for the Development of Citizen Freedom of Panama

Member of the Legislative Assembly María Inés Solís (Costa Rica), a member of the ParlAmericas Board of Directors, participated in an online dialogue on Friday, July 3 about open parliament, along with representatives of civil society organizations and of the National Assembly of Panama.

The aim of this meeting was to share experiences and best practices in favour of legislative openness, with regard especially to measures adopted and efforts made by parliaments to ensure transparency and access to public information, as well as mechanisms employed to sustain continuous and effective communication with citizens. The discussion highlighted the use of technological tools for facilitating ongoing communication and information, while also contemplating the challenges that the current pandemic has created.

Member of the Legislative Assembly Solís described the process followed by Costa Rica’s Legislative Assembly in adopting the Institutional Policy on Open Parliament, which was ultimately approved in April 2019. In addition, she spoke about tools developed by the parliament such as the protocol on access to public information that aims to regulate the principle of transparency in the civil service and the right to access information at the various levels of the Legislative Assembly. Member of the Legislative Assembly Solís reminded everyone that “these processes don’t materialize from one day to the next, but take time and a long-term effort; however, focusing on these issues also means defending a healthy, inclusive and participatory democracy in which the role of parliament is crucial, especially in situations as complex as those we’re experiencing due to COVID-19.”

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