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Home Workshop 6: Parliaments and Extractive Industries (South America)

February 25 2013 | Bogota, Colombia

Workshop 6: Parliaments and Extractive Industries (South America)

Theme: How to Improve Oversight and Increase Collaboration Presentations

  • Extractive industries and transition post-extraction in Latin America (Carlos Monge – Introduction) (Spanish)
  • Parliaments and extractive industries (Fernando Patzy – Introduction) (Spanish)
  • The role of parliament with regard to extractive industries (Fernando Patzy – S1) (Spanish)
  • Roles of parliament: legislation, supervision and representation (Manuel Briceño – S1) (Spanish)
  • Current status of prior consultations in South America: the case of Colombia (Gloria Rodriguez – S2) (Spanish)
  • Contracts, grants and tax regimes (Fernando Patzy – S3) (Spanish)
  • Parliaments: strengthening governance and transparency in extractive industries (Lisa Bhansali – S3) (Spanish)
  • Management of income derived from extractive industries (Carlos Monge – S4) (Spanish)
  • Adjustments to the primary extractive export model (Carlos Monge – S5) (Spanish)
  • Presentation of the Executive Power of the Gran Porte Mining Law Project (LMGP, as per its acronym in Spanish), Uruguay (Carlos Baráibar – S5) (Spanish)
  • Transitions: post-extractivism and alternatives to extractivism in Peru (Alejandra Alayza – S5) (Spanish)

Participation of Parliamentarians and Guest Speakers (Spanish)

Objectives of the meeting: to offer a space where parliamentarians and experts in the subject matter can discuss the roles and actions of national legislatures with respect to extractive activities and to increase regional knowledge and best practices with regards to the extractive sector in South America, and possibilities of parliamentary cooperation.


  • S1. Parliamentary Roles: Legislation, Supervision and Representation
  • S2. The Current State of the Right to Prior Consultation in South America
  • S3. Types of Contracts, Tax Regime and Transparency
  • S4. Managing Revenues from Extractive Activities
  • S5. Superior or alternative models of development